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A sneak peek

We are so incredibly excited for this day. Weeks of planning have gone into and it’s finally here. We were joking last night that its like having a baby. As I sit here writing this, I keep thinking I am not quite ready for this! I image it is similar to parenthood in that respect. I feel like if we had just a week more it would be better. But here we are little birdies being pushed off their nests, ready to fly!

A little back story of our baby, just in case you are wondering…Beth and I met through a mutual friend. The day we met, I found out she would be working with me. During work we started to see how similar we are (so much that we sign cards the same!!) Our husbands ended up leaving around the same time and we started hanging out a lot. Through them being gone or having duty we have had many craft days, where the idea of the a business was being thrown around. That was a few months ago, but we had to make it through a crazy summer to get where we are now.  The past month and a halfish we have been working to bring our little corner of the world to you.

A big shout out goes to our husbands for  being so patient and kind in the getting ready for this big day! Another to some of our awesome coworkers, who have kindly put up with our crazy idea bouncing whenever they hit us.

Now for the goodies….

Some of these are samples made for friends while others you may find in our etsy shop, which should be opening in just a few days!



Welcome baby Ski...on our very ugly base housing hallway!
Welcome baby Ski…on our very ugly base housing hallway!




Tiny Typhoon Baby Shower

It is hard to see, but the banner says Welcome Tiny Typhoon
Umbrella cupcake toppers



Cloud straw decorations

An early preview of our wedding collection




 We are getting excited for football season!



DSC_0020  DSC_0023




A fall preview









Stay tuned for more!!!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you come back!!


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