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A (not) so quick project: Ottoman

A few months ago my husband suggested getting an ottoman (after months of complaining we have only one large couch). Well I scoured all sources accessible to me and nothing appeared that I liked. I am very particular, especially with my design background. So I went back to the start and tried to find plans for an ottoman and low and behold Pinterest was my savior! I started with these plans as the base, but the problem with these were they were the wrong size, but how hard could it be to make them bigger. That was my first mistake. After thinking I know what size I want I then convert my measurements into centimeters, that way I can get them cut at the local hardware store (we live in Okinawa, Japan and they use the metric system).

A few weeks later my fabric arrives, so it will be the big day of assembling the ottoman. (haha second mistake right there). I knew we would have to wait until the weekend with our crazy work schedules. I wake up early Saturday wanting to get a head start on the chores so Brandon could help me build them when he woke up. I laid the lumber on our table to make sure it’s all correct and will work…….well it was WAY TOO SMALL!! Like half the size I wanted. so off he went to Makeman to get more lumber. (The plus side is I have more wood for a couple projects now!). He returns and gets his part done in no time.

the lumber
top frame

I start working on cutting the foam, which I am still finding a week later and multiple vacuuming sessions. After I finish cutting, he suggests a way he would like it done…this is the story of our lives and not really going to happen because we have no more foam!! We did do a double layer of foam since this would be our all the time ottoman.

The foam on top.

A couple days pass and I finally have the supplies I forgot I needed (aka batting, which I have to get off base).  I go down and get some cardboard to use as a backing. After getting it all cut I have another mess on my hands.

Attaching the cardboard.

I then cover it will batting, wrapping it like a present.

Batting all done.

Then I come to the part I so badly want to be good at, but I feel like it is the one thing I will never be good at. Sewing and my sewing machine have been one of my most dreaded tasks. (You see the first time I used my sewing machine I was trying so hard to be the perfect wife and redo all the patches on my husband’s coveralls. I decided a typhoon would be a good time to do this. Well first my needle breaks and I don’t have spares, which means I will have to wait a few days to finish. Once I finally finish, which was a big deal since there were hours of seam ripping, I had sewn the velcro upside down. I gave up and decided sewing is not my thing). So these last few days have been almost a mirror image of my first sewing adventure, only this one has pictures for your entertainment!

I carefully cut the fabric about two inches bigger on each side…just in case.  I followed the directions for the cover to a T, except the different sizes. I started sewing the sides together. I then put the sides on (inside out) and laid the top piece on upside down to pin it. I then went to my nemisis to sew some more. I sewed this part all right. (make sure you leave the 1/2 inch gap and not much more…one of my corners has a little hole in it).  The last and what I thought would be easiest part, turned out to the exact opposite!! I put the cover on and pinned it up. I got it all ready to sew and it turned into a disastrous mess!! My sewing machine had trouble sewing nice and clean.  I figured as long as  you don’t pull up the seam it’s ok….so don’t look under the ottoman.

Getting ready to cut and I wanted to take a pretty picture.
My attempt at sewing!! I spent way more time seam ripping.
I thought I would add a photo of the mess our spare room became after I did this project.

Happy crafting!! Hope yours is smoother than mine!!



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