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Silverware Letters

I have seen these all over the internet and LOVE them. However, me being me, two things came to mind…those are WAY too expensive and I could make them.


On one of my way too many trips to Diaso (100 Yen store aka dollar store) I found little silverware that would fit perfectly above our cabinets. I picked up a variety of styles (I have a love/hate relationship with matching). I brought them home and started laying out the silverware. This was like a gigantic puzzle. I spent a lot of time with this spread out over a table and rearranging it.  A couple of trips to Diaso to get more silverware and I was done with the letters. The next time I make something like this I would use Weldbond to glue the letters. I originally used hot glue and if it didn’t settle right they would pop apart.  While I know not everyone lives in Japan I have found some alternatives to the silverware. Amazon has some that are prime (which means free shipping!). Below in the frequently bought together are some other options and spoons. Here is another option if you have a Dollar Tree close. Ikea also has some spoons and forks, that look nice. I have some silverware from Ikea and it is pretty hefty, so keep that in mind when purchasing your silverware. The heavy it is the harder it may be to stick together. I used strategically placed nails to hang the letters up. Brandon thinks that one of the letters is about to fall off, but it isn’t!



The colored circles between the letters are cork trivets covered in fabric. I got the trivets at Ikea. I just hot glued fabric around and hung them up! I am pretty sure I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby, but some of my favorite places to get fabric are Hobby Lobby, Johann’s and if you are okay not seeing the fabric in person is  a great option. I got the fabric for the ottoman cover I made there.


I loved this solution and for less than the price of buying just the word eat, I spelled all of this.



Sorry for the funky pictures…I am blessed with being short so I couldn’t get the angle I wanted to without scaling my tile walls!

Happy Crafting!!!!





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