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World Map



This is a quick and easy project if you are looking for something fun to spice up your walls. Brandon and I love traveling and it is why we were so excited for the opportunity to move out here.

My parents have a two maps in their house that inspired this project. One is just a huge map that we always go to when figuring out where places are. The other is a scratch off map I bought for my mom for Christmas. I love the scratch off mom, but we have traveled to different places so this map doesn’t work for us.

Being my normal self I had to make something! We have this small wall by our laundry room, where this map originally started out. I searched high and low to find a map online (thinking I’d never find one and have to order it). To my surprise, my friend Sara took me to a store out in town called Niko and… and guess what?!?! I found the perfect size map. I just had to trim the edges off and it would fit perfectly! Once I  got home from shopping I wanted to get started.  (I really love the look of the vintage style maps or just something simple.)

I didn’t have the stickers I wanted to use on hand, but I thought…..(I bet you will never guess)….I can make them!! I went looking for shapes, Brandon was easy, he LOVES Batman!!! For the two of us a heart made perfect sense. I was having a really hard time figuring out what shape to do for myself. Then Brandon came in and said “a bow, duh!!!” Maybe not in those words exactly, but that’s what he seemed like.

I cut the shapes, then ran them through my Xyron. BAM!!! I have stickers. I stuck them on the map and now we have a custom map.  If  you don’t want to make stickers or don’t have the resources to make them, I found these really cute stickers on Etsy.

DSC_0113  DSC_0114



Stay tuned for another quick project!


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Wine Cork Crafting: Recipe Display

wine corkswine cork row

Oh Pinterest. You, the most loveliest of the lovely beasts on the interweb. You take all my time and keep me up until the wee hours of the night pinning countless recipes and craft ideas that will collect digital dust on my many pinning boards. Can I get an AMEN? Wine corks. ugh… the immeasurable amounts of awesomness you can create with those babies. So here is the low down on what sparked my creativity for this fully functional and cute wine cork craft. Of course I was on Pinterest late one night and saw a pin (that I lost somewhere in the hallows of my treacherous thumb scrolling) where the corks where used like cork boards. Well there is an idea! Who would have ever thought, lets use actual corks as cork boards!

Since I moved years ago I have inherited many fantastic family recipes that my Grandmother has no problem spouting out of memory. For me? I need them written down. I have not met that level of mastery yet….yet 😉 Until then, I shall utilize my Wine Cork Recipe Display. My small kitchen has very little counter space and having one less item setting on the counter makes things a bit easier.

I started with a usual trip to my trusty Daiso (dollar store) and bought a glue gun, glue sticks, and these small strips of wood that are about a yard long. I was going to start just gluing the wine corks that I had collected onto the wood side by side but soon learned that it was going to take many more hangovers to get enough corks needed to cover the space I wanted. But, one deployment and a few girls nights later, I had plenty of wine corks to complete my long awaited recipe display. Here are a few pictures of the process and final product:

wine cork craft setup

These are the supplies I used. I would recommend using a glue gun that works. I had to manually push my glue sticks through the heater thing and now have a perma-blister and increased chance of developing carpal tunnel.

finished wine cork

wine cork finished close

And here is the finished product! It is so easy and convenient, especially with Thanksgiving coming up. I have freed up some counter space during meal prep and in a super cute way!

You could use something like this to display pictures or to-do lists and even weekly menus…if you are that prepared. Try it! Save all your corks or you can find them on amazon here or here. Post your pictures and tag us @pricklypeargypsy

We would love to see what you are working on!

Smiles and hugs and until next time,


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Silverware Letters

I have seen these all over the internet and LOVE them. However, me being me, two things came to mind…those are WAY too expensive and I could make them.


On one of my way too many trips to Diaso (100 Yen store aka dollar store) I found little silverware that would fit perfectly above our cabinets. I picked up a variety of styles (I have a love/hate relationship with matching). I brought them home and started laying out the silverware. This was like a gigantic puzzle. I spent a lot of time with this spread out over a table and rearranging it.  A couple of trips to Diaso to get more silverware and I was done with the letters. The next time I make something like this I would use Weldbond to glue the letters. I originally used hot glue and if it didn’t settle right they would pop apart.  While I know not everyone lives in Japan I have found some alternatives to the silverware. Amazon has some that are prime (which means free shipping!). Below in the frequently bought together are some other options and spoons. Here is another option if you have a Dollar Tree close. Ikea also has some spoons and forks, that look nice. I have some silverware from Ikea and it is pretty hefty, so keep that in mind when purchasing your silverware. The heavy it is the harder it may be to stick together. I used strategically placed nails to hang the letters up. Brandon thinks that one of the letters is about to fall off, but it isn’t!



The colored circles between the letters are cork trivets covered in fabric. I got the trivets at Ikea. I just hot glued fabric around and hung them up! I am pretty sure I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby, but some of my favorite places to get fabric are Hobby Lobby, Johann’s and if you are okay not seeing the fabric in person is  a great option. I got the fabric for the ottoman cover I made there.


I loved this solution and for less than the price of buying just the word eat, I spelled all of this.



Sorry for the funky pictures…I am blessed with being short so I couldn’t get the angle I wanted to without scaling my tile walls!

Happy Crafting!!!!




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Cork Board Kitchen

We haven’t quite reached that home owner status in our young marriage. With that, rental property (or in this case, base housing) can be hard to manipulate and make your own with all kinds of landlord restrictions. I was looking for a cheap and easy alternative to add a bit of pizzazz to our drab kitchen without painting the walls. If you live here in Okinawa you know the same sad story of the closed off submarine like galley of a kitchen we have. It gets the job done, but in typical fashion I need it to show some character and scream “Hey! Beth lives here!” On another note, for my fellow Okinawa dwellers… Dasio. enough said, right? Daiso is the Japanese equivalent of a dollar store. It is heaven on earth and often gets me into trouble with the ol’ ball and chain. “Beth. Sure everything is a dollar… but when you fill your cart with 50 $1 items you still wreck the budget!” touché Tom, touché. But I NEED these cat shaped hot pads and I NEED these lime green and purple flip flop socks…. oh yeah, I said it. Flip flop socks, they are a real thing and I own them. I NEEDED all of these things just as I needed to figure out a fix for my kitchen.

My kitchen revolves around wine and everything great that is wine. Like a basic white 20-something girl I can’t let that go. So wine themed it is. I love wine. As I walked every…single…aisle… of Daiso I stumbled upon some cork boards. I got the brilliant idea that I would use them in my kitchen because they reminded me of wine corks. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do with them yet but I knew it was going to be fabulous.  Here is what I came up with:

cork board decor

There was a perfect space above our kitchen cabinets where the cork boards would fit without having to be cut down at all. I painted a series of wine bottle and wine glass silhouettes and hung each board on the wall using command strips. If you have not heard of or used these yet, you need to come out from under your rock and get with it! They are awesome! I hung each one with the command strips. These made them easily hung and will be easily removed when Uncle Sam comes to inspect our house when we move on to the next duty station in a couple of years. The strips stick out a bit at the top but when you are down on the ground and not on the counters snapping photos like a crazy person you can’t even see them. Here is a close up of the command strips:

cork board attachment

You just have to think outside of the box sometime. Typically one would use these cork boards to hang things on with push pins, but I used them as a wine inspired boarder to go from drab to fab! Well, in my opinion… 😉

Smiles and hugs and until next time!