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Nose in a Book and Eyes on a Movie



I absolutely love to read! There is nothing I love more than a quiet night at home with a good book. (However, I am no writer, so bare with me). Since we moved here, I go through reading spurts. When we first got here I read 8 books in the month we were in a hotel, plus I listen to books all the time. Makes cleaning and cooking more enjoyable. I am a very slow reader, and I mean crazy slow! It took me almost three weeks to make it through a 120 page book, however, a really good book can grab my attention and I won’t want to put it down. Many of these books that I have had that experience with lately are being turned into movies. I thought I would share a few if you need some reading suggestions. (Disclaimer…as we live on this beautiful island, movies only play one weekend, so you blink and you may miss them!)

maze runner

I read this entire series when we first got on island. The first one took a while to get into, but once the story took I didn’t want to put them down! I think I read the other two in about 2 to 3 days. There were elements of this book that were incredibly difficult for me to visualize, so I am looking forward to the movie coming out this fall!

The book is about teenage boys stuck in a maze. They aren’t sure why they are there, but they have a system and it is working for them. That is until a boy named Thomas arrives and slowly starts to mix things up. Things really get crazy when they get their first girl.  Her arrival really stirs things up and leads to a new reality. It ends up becoming a matter of life or death, a battle of strength!

if i stay

I just finished this book last night. The end reminded me of early Nicholas Sparks books. It leaves you hanging a little. This one was also tricky to get through because flashbacks happen frequently, but the story is so incredibly moving. I read the story behind the story (in the back of the book), which was neat to see the story that inspired it all.

Mia is a normal teenage girl. One weekend she is spending time with her close knit family when they go for a drive. It is snowy out and they end up getting in an accident. The book is about her “spirit” journey in figuring out if she should stay.

mocking jay

This was another series that I loved and was hooked on from half way through the first book. I know many people have either read/seen this story. My husband didn’t love Catching Fire because he didn’t really understand many parts of this book were setting up for the next.  I read these books right when the first movie came out, so I don’t really remember all of the details. I also don’t really remember where a good split will be. I am pretty excited about getting caught back up in the story!

In this book I went on an emotional roller coaster with Katniss. You are going through the journey with her, not knowing what is going on at all.  There are broken hearts, betrayal, hope, and the gamete of other emotions.  There is so much more to what they thought was beyond the fence. Some people are corrupt while others have pure intentions. In the end Katniss has the power and what will she choose.

best of me

I love Nicolas Sparks books! They are some of my absolute favorites and the best part of this one is it is released my birthday weekend!! Woohoo!! I am one excited girl. I think part of the reason I love his books so much is they are more realistic than most romance novels. No they aren’t always a happy, neat package, but who’s life is! His books are my go to when I am sad or just need a good cry.

This is the story of a great love lost. Two high school kids find comfort in a solitary old man. They end up going their separate ways, until the unfateful death of the old man. Their lives have gone on completely different paths, but seeing each other some feelings always come back. Your first love lost. A tragic event ends up changing both of their lives forever.

the fault

At first I felt slightly like I was jumping on the band wagon, but this story was worth the read. It definitely pulls at the heart strings. At the end I ended up in tears.

Hazel Grace is a teenage girl with cancer. She ends up finding a boy in a support group that she really gets along with. Their friendship turns into a romance and a hunt to talk to the author of her favorite book. This is one where the curve ball hit and hit hard, so grab your tissues and enjoy.


Divergent has to be one of, if not for sure, my favorite post apocalyptic series to date. With so many of them coming out and all the movies, I am sure people are like ya whatever, let’s move on. If you decide to only read one, pick this one please. You’ll have to read them all to fully understand why I think this one is so great! Let’s just say grab your tissues for this one too! I can’t write about it because I just might spoil it for you. So hurry and read all about it!

Veronica Roth also just released four mini books about the character Four. They are about 50-75 pages each. I have just started so I can’t really tell you much about it. I am just excited to be able to hear more about this story.

Feel free to share with me books you love! I am always looking for new books to read!

Happy reading!


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